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The Lagoon is an another marine life documentary made by me, however this one is about an unlikely place to look for marine creatures. Seemingly barren land of coastal lagoons offers mostly sand and sea grass for a habitat, but what turns out, this is more than enough for plenty of species of marine animals. Some are a very rare find on an average coral reef, even unprecedent. In waters which depth varies between 1 and 3 meters, however, you can encounter them in numbers you wouldn't imagine. This movie is going to tell some of the short stories of those barely known creatures and how they manage to survive in these condtions, so much different from a colourful coral reef, and yet so close by. 


All of the footage has been captured during a 2 month visit to Mozambique in December 2012/January 2013, when I have done several solo lagoon dives in search of the amazing. Its is a circa 30 minutes long movie with an English as well as Polish speaking narrator.



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