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Silent Atoll is a documentary about a rebreather expedition to a remote, partially submerged atoll located in the middle of the Mozambican Channel - Bassas da India.


It was held in May 2013. I was invited along to join a crew of 7 recreational rebreather divers from Twin Palms Dive Club. My work was to film the whole expedition starting in Johannesburg, where we prepared our dive gear, through to training dives in Ponta Zavora and Inhmabane in Mozambique, all the way to the 2 day boat sail and 5 days spent at the very location, diving on mysterious and very little visited reefs. The documentary is the result of my whole work and took about two weeks to edit.




WATCH TRAILER HERE ------->>>>>>

This full lenght docy (50 min) has been released on a limited number of DVDs available for sale in South Africa.



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