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UV night diving in Africa

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 5:00 min

fullHD | optional subtitles in Polish

A short underwater project involving blue lights in order to excite the natural fluorescence from certain species of coral, anemones as well as other marine species.


This clip has been awarded an overall winner of advanced video category in 2014 DUC Shootout (South Africa)


voiceover by Rowan Watt Pringle

Rare crab migration

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 5:02 min

fullHD | optional subtitles in Polish

A short clip showing a very rare event occuring on a beach in north-east of South Africa. Tiny freshwater crabs that have spawned in the lagoon flowing into the ocean, are faced with a challenge to come back to their main freshwater habitat. As their size is about 3-5mm they move stealthly in their thousands just under the noses of unperceptive humans.


voicever by Rowan Watt Pringle

Paradise Pond - Marico Eye

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 5:55 min


Marico Eye or Marico Oog in Afrikaans, is a tiny fountain coming out from the bowels of the earth in the middle of farming land close to the town of Lichtenburg in South Africa. It's characterised by absolutely pristine fresh water, which in a calm sunny day gives away some stunning underwater images. African water lilies with their roots few meters deep only add to the perfect picture. It is a home to a very special endemic small fish, that you can find only here.

This short has been mostly filmed by Riaan van der Merwe and Jenna Ferreira who visited the place when I was in Europe. I've only added few more dry shots, once I went there myself, then put the whole thing together on the editing table.


voiceover by Rowan Watt Pringle.

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