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Inside a bicycle shop / Warsaw

A short "masters at work" kind of clip I have filmed inside a bicycle shop in Warsaw. After few commercial / training videos they have hired me to make, we went inside their workshop to randomly film what is happening there. I've met the staff a bit better, they've relaxed a bit more than during "the normal shoot" and it turned out they had some small stories to tell while they were working.

Inside a metal workshop

I was let into a metal workshop in Warsaw one day, to film the machines that carve miracles out of different kind of metal blocks. Industrial feel.

Little trip to Masurian Lakes Land

summer 2013

Short showing one of the places situated in an old forest by the lake Maroz, where I used to go often for my summer holidays in early childhood. Also testing my new DSLR video capabilities.

Diving freshwater lake

summer 2013

Diving in a freshwater lake in Mazury, Poland. Surprisingly lots of marine life, however only in the litoral part of lake (the shallow one). Any deeper and it becomes dark and very cold.

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Here you can find video clips that have been shot and edited in my home country - Poland. Some of them are just pure commercials and promotional videos for various businesses as part of my commercial video portfolio. Some, however, are made for fun and practice and show some of the places in Poland that are somehow close to me.

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