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The first full length marine life documentary produced by me for which I have been gathering footage during the months of February-April 2013 with few shots from previous periods. In the beginning it was supposed to be just a showreel of underwater shots featuring a few new filming techniques I have come up with, including some super macro work. Later I decided that watching it online on a laptop would not do it justice and decided to develop it into a proper documentary style movie that can be watched on a big screen with good sound quality. If you are interested in marine world, you enjoy learning about various animal species living on coral reefs and want to see the diversity of an ecosystem that is situated just on your doorstep then this is a movie for you.


Script has been developed in cooperation with Rowan Watt Pringle, who is also the narrator for the movie in english version. A version in Polish langauge has also been created with Andrzej Okrasa as narrator.



It describes the amazing underwater world of Sodwana Bay, as comprehensively as I could make it, using my local knowledge gained through many days of diving here and learning about this place from others, who know even more about it. Next to the traditional informative narracy I have added some artistic sequences that with painstakingly chosen music are meant to create as impressive image of this marine world as possible.


Lots of work has been put into getting images of the tiniest marine animals, often overlooked during an average dive. Hopefuly this movie will take you much closer to the rich underwater "Microcosmos" of Sodwana Bay.


This documentary is not available to watch online. It has been released on a DVD in South Africa as well as parts of it are going to be entered in some video competitions and festivals. Discs will be available for purchase through selected dive centers in SA (list below) or by contacting me.


This trailer has won 1st prize in mini documentary category in 2013 Durban Underwater Club Shootout


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R10 out of every copy sold will go as support to Sodwana Bay Primary School, which under my impression from a personal visit is very well managed and I am sure that this additional finance will be used for good purposes and contribute to developing knowledge and skills of kids from this beatiful area.


Just another small step to make Sodwana Bay better in the future.  


List of places where you can get a copy: (so far)


Reefteach Dive Lodge - Sodwana Bay (office and beach)

Twin Palms Scuba - Edenvale, Johannesburg

Alpha Dive Centre - Cape Town

Divetek - Randburg, Johannesburg

Sandton Scuba - Sandton, Johannesburg (soon)

Blue Wave Scuba - Nelspruit (soon)


Aqua Divers International - wholesale


Drunken Tree Bar - Sodwana Bay

The Shack - Payge's shop (Adventure Mania building) - Sodwana Bay


more coming...

(if you want it in YOUR dive shop or pos, let me know)


Each DVD box is wrapped in a resealable plastic cover and a lot of detail has been put into designing the packaging, what I hope makes it a perfect gift.

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