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Filmed on location and edited by Bart from Africa Is Not Sissies

Choose your adventure!

Tailor made dive and safari expeditions
to the Indian Ocean of Southern Africa.


Tick of sightings of many different species of sharks while exploring dive sites of the east coast of South Africa. Combine it with multiple land based bush safaris. 

The great ocean wildlife spectacle. Follow shoals of sardines preyed upon by predators like dolphins, sharks , birds and whales. Private location on the Wild Coast far away from all the crowds. Whole ocean is to our exclusive disposal!

One of a kind dive adventure during  the annual humpback whale migration. Explore dive sites of the east coast and at the same time watch their surface behaviours, listen to their songs and learn about these majestic mammals that travel along the coast during SA winter time.

Listen to whale songs

Listen to amazing humbpack whales songs!


Contact me to receive a digital catalogue.

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